• You can now add Instalment Plans when creating a custom Invoice, as an additional payment gateway;
  • Added option to "Disable discount for orders referred by affiliates" when creating or modifying a Discount;
  • Added "Portal Access" label to the Contacts table rows for customers that opted in to have a Customer Portal account;
  • Added the Billing State and Shipping State fields in the CSV export of sales;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Shipping rules when adding separate rules for "Worldwide" and another country (like Australia);
  • Fixed a bug where changing the stock for a Billing Plan was not saving the new stock;
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Subscription sales to not render properly in the Customer Portal;
  • Fixed an encoding issue for Greek language in the Customer Portal login email;
  • Fixed several French translation issues;
  • Superbolts users that also own a plug&paid account no longer see their Superbolts white-label marketplace in the Affiliates section of their dashboard, and any Affiliate Programs they create have the option to publish in the plug&paid global marketplace. This change was needed in anticipation of the future separation of the Superbolts app onto its own separate server and domain, as an independent solution for agencies.