Release 6.1 - Public API Beta

Emy Carlan
Emy Carlan
Release 6.1 - Public API Beta

We've been busy in the past few weeks, preparing this release, which brings tons of improvements and bug fixes, and marks the beginning of our Public API.

New Features

  • Public API (beta): we have exposed a few Public API endpoints, as requested by some of our users (list products, add service, add physical product, list sales & list customers). All accounts now have a monthly API quota (check API Settings to see your quota) which will ensure there will be no abuse or service interruptions for fellow users. See more details (including the API docs) under API Settings, in your plug&paid dashboard.
  • Refer-a-Friend Program: you can now refer friends (by using your unique link) to use plug&paid and you will receive a €10 credit for each friend that subscribes to one of our plans. For "pay-as-you-go", you will receive your credit as soon as your friend's subscription becomes positive (at the next billing cycle after making at least a successful sale). You can spend the credit on addons, subscriptions and upgrades for your plug&paid account.
  • Added FXP Bank support for Malaysian Stripe users;


  • You can now set your preferred default payment gateway at checkout, from the Gateways tab of your plug sheet;
  • You can now customize and translate the "Recommended" text for multi-product checkouts;
  • Added new Indexing Settings under Settings / Shop Information, which allows you to disable search indexing for your hosted checkout pages;
  • Updating the Upsell design no longer reloads the screen;
  • Superbolts users can now disable Invoices for their Superbolts transactions;
  • Superbolts users that own the Affiliates Marketplace addon can now manually approve or auto-approve Affiliate Programs waiting to be listed in their marketplace.
  • Improved the way multiple license codes are rendered in the purchase email;
  • Added better checkout error messages;
  • If a subscription with trial and one-time fee is sold, the checkout is now showing just the one-time cost as the price on the first page;
  • Added the Trinidad and Tobago dollar to the list of supported currencies;
  • You can no longer change an existing product's currency (it was causing unstable use cases when changed);
  • Updated the Stripe API to the latest version;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the export of customers to fail, if you had too many customers;
  • Fixed a bug causing the QR-Code power-up to not show for Superbolts client accounts;
  • Fixed a bug causing Google Analytics and Stripe cookies to load in the cart before collecting the customer's consent;
  • Fixed an issue where downloading an invoice, changing its number, then downloading it again was downloading the old invoice, with the old number;
  • You can no longer double-join an Affiliate Program by double-clicking the join button;
  • Fixed a bug causing tracked consents to not record the link anchor of the consent text;
  • Fixed a bug causing Greek characters to not render properly in the subject of purchase emails;
  • Fixed a bug causing the Live Subscriptions table to not properly sort by date;
  • Fixed an issue causing the Upsell Customizer design changes to get lost when updating the Upsell discount;
  • Fixed a bug with rendering bullet points in the product description, in the cart;
  • Fixed a bug where that was causing some emails to have a "{hi}" placeholder inside;
  • Fixed a bug where recurring subscription charges were not awarding affiliate commissions, for Affiliate Programs with subscriptions;
  • Fixed a bug causing the Affiliate Program banners to not be removable;
  • Fixed an issue with the login page background on tablets;
  • Fixed a "missing translation" issue in the Instalment plan sheet;

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