Dear Business Community,

We are living uncertain times, and companies are radically changing strategies to make the most of this unfortunate situation, which has brought a new kind of thinking all around the world. The self-preservation instinct, enforced by the authorities, is keeping people at home, avoiding social interactions and minimizing (or completely eliminating) exposure in local shops and malls. For all of us who are running online businesses, this is an opportunity to grow, and for brick&mortar businesses it's an opportunity to pivot towards an online model, that is going to stick with us for the better part of this year.

Everybody is now officially living online. Food delivery services are seeing quadruple growth in orders, while slow-adapting restaurants close down. People need to be active while staying at home, so we're seeing a massive surge in sales for games, entertainment products, home fitness gear, online courses, and last but not least: toilet paper :)

This is your chance to grow, and we are here to give you peace of mind:

  • Our servers are stable, ensuring uninterrupted checkout services (even at peak times);
  • Our Helpdesk team is continuing to offer stellar support every single day;
  • For those of you running eLearning / Coaching businesses, our friends at Wishlist Member have built a special integration with plug&paid, so you can ensure your content is well protected behind our pay-wall, with just a few clicks and copy/paste actions;
  • Within the next several days, we'll be rolling out a new version (5.2), bringing more improvements (requested by you), and new exciting features;
  • For the more technical people, we suggest using the power of our Webhooks system to integrate plug&paid into their flows. If there's any API endpoint that you need, please request it via our Helpdesk widget inside the admin panel, and our team will do their best to accommodate, especially if you are willing to share your integration with fellow merchants.

In business, there is no place for fear. Let's all take rational decisions and adapt quickly to the new way of living and doing business. Reach out to your customers and let them know you will be there for them when they need your products or services. Everything is going to turn out great, if we keep our calm and follow the new rules of the game.

Good luck!