Release 5.2 - Automated payments for resellers

Emy Carlan
Emy Carlan
Release 5.2 - Automated payments for resellers

The moment that all of our agencies have been waiting for has finally come! The new version brings a whole new Superbolts app, as well as multiple improvements to all plug&paid users.

The moment that all of our agencies have been waiting for has finally come! The new version brings a whole new Superbolts app, as well as multiple improvements to all plug&paid users.

For those of you that don't know what Superbolts is, it's a great way to resell our whitelabel checkout cart solution. Apply your brand and give your clients the chance to start selling online with just a few clicks, without the need of a complicated storefront.

Before we go into this, it's very important for you to know:

  • Superbolts and plug&paid are now separated apps. All branding, taxes and invoice settings for Superbolts are now configurable separately.
  • If you own a Superbolts account, your clients can only log into your agency custom domain. Logins on are disabled for client accounts!

New Superbolts Features

  • Charge your clients a fixed amount, transaction fees or both. Everything automated from the signup, payments, emails and dunning.
  • Offer trials, limited or lifetime discounts per billing plan or per client.
  • Collect consents on signup.
  • Charge your clients additional one-off invoices, recurring addons or offer them personalized discounts at any point throughout their billing cycle.
  • Clients can be switched between valid plans and you can also choose to remove a client from plan.
  • Cloud-hosted signup pages for each billing plan, which you can immediately share with your audience. No setup required.
  • Enable and disable signups on demand and configure advanced settings, such as changing how many payment retries to allow, or clear up / reset a client slot.
  • Everything runs under your brand and custom domain and all emails are sent from your own SMTP server (if configured).
  • Client accounts have been updated. All plug&paid branding was removed and  all instances of "plugs" were renamed to "shopping carts". Your clients can no longer interact with plug&paid.
  • You can now add a support widget for your Whitelabel (such as Zendesk), or even a simple external link that will show in your client's sidebar.

New plug&paid Feature

  • Custom Billing Fields (supported and customizable in all supported languages). Special rule “Mandatory with VAT” for EU companies that enabled automated VAT.
  • PREORDER: Email Automation module. Keep your customers engaged by setting up automated retargeting rules in your e-commerce flow. Interact with your visitors and customers on auto-pilot. Send ad-hoc emails on special occasions. External SMTP email server required. Scheduled for release in June. To preorder, go to your Settings / Plans & Quotas sheet.


  • Discontinued the option to approve orders for cash on delivery transactions. This process is now automated: all offline payment methods require approval by default, while successful charges are automatically approved.
  • The Settings page was revamped, for increased usability and ease of access;
  • Invoices now include the PayPal payment email address, so you can easily identify the purchase in your PayPal account;
  • You can now revert the invoice number and prefix without any limitations;
  • All product types (except Subscriptions) now support order limits;
  • Invoices enhancements for merchants in Greece. Requires EU VAT rules and enabled invoices;
  • Added support for https links and Vimeo embeds for all editors;
  • You can now create draft digitals products and upload the files later;
  • You can now view in-depth breakdown of  your quotas;
  • New webhook event for refunds;
  • Added support for Faroe Islands;
  • Hundreds of UX improvements in the dashboard and cart;

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where PayPal merchant was not attaching for some reasons on Superbolts custom domains;
  • Fixed an issue where the subscription price in the cart was not showing the one-time fee;
  • Fixed an issue where you could not edit the product assigned to a discount;
  • Fixed an issue with redirects and free products;

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