We are proud to announce that plug&paid meets SCA (strong customer authentication).

The new regulations legally enforced in the EEA (European Economic Area) will apply to all regulated payments institutions. The purpose is to reduce the possible damage if your card is ever stolen or otherwise compromised. It is unlikely that someone who steel your card also knows your PIN.

SCA is built around the idea that strong authentication (making sure that it’s you) is based on providing elements from at least two of the following three categories:

  • Something you know — e.g. your PIN
  • Something you have — e.g. your card
  • Something you are — e.g. your fingerprint/face ID

There are a couple of exceptions to these new rules: apple pay/google pay and unattended terminals- these include parking and travel ticket terminals.

For more details, you can click on this link: https://eba.europa.eu/regulation-and-policy/payment-services-and-electronic-money/regulatory-technical-standards-on-strong-customer-authentication-and-secure-communication-under-psd2.