What to Do With a Business Website That Won't Convert


Nothing is more irritating than spending a lot of time and effort on a business site and watching it draw in a lot of traffic that doesn't convert to sales.

Nothing is more irritating than spending a lot of time and effort on a business site and watching it draw in a lot of traffic that doesn't convert to sales. You may be tempted to try to tweak the page, or even remake it entirely. Before you do, you should consider that your website may not be the problem. Your conversion rate is mostly determined by the kind of traffic that you get. If you can draw in the right traffic, that could make all the difference. Read on to learn how to get traffic that actually converts.

Not All Traffic is Equal
Traffic from some sources converts more often than traffic from other sources, depending on what you're selling. Good traffic stats do not give you the full picture. You may have built the most attractive website in the world, but nobody's going to buy products or services they don't want or need. You need to attract the kind of people that are looking for what you're selling.

You Need Traffic from Where Your Ideal Customers Gather
For example, if you are selling organic snacks, then you need to go where health-conscious moms hang out. If you are selling cheap tax services, you need to go where small business owners congregate.

In other words, you need to target sources of likely customers with an attractive message and landing page. You need to make them offers that will appeal to their demographic.

How to Use Google Analytics to Target the Right Sources
Use custom reports to see the conversion numbers for each of your sources of traffic, and what is driving them. You need to use the Traffic Report to find the sources with the best conversion rates. Once you identify them, try to figure out how to get more of them. You can do that with the Content Efficiency Analysis Report and the Keyword Analysis Report. Use them to fine tune the keywords and content directed at your ideal sources.

Basically, you want to figure out what's working and then do more of that. Are you getting your best results from ads on specific sites? Is your blog sending the highest quality traffic your way? Does this traffic increase when you have expert guest bloggers? Concentrate on the techniques and sources that have the highest conversion rates and stop putting in effort for sources that don't convert well. Keep in mind that if the absolute numbers are high, it doesn't matter if the conversion rate is low.

Spreading the Net
Once you have identified the kind of sources that are likely to convert well, you need to spread out your net and try to draw in as many of them as possible. Find forums where your target demographic congregates, and start conversations that can lead naturally to your site. Place ads there. Start a blog that tries to solve the kinds of problems that this demographic usually faces.

Getting the right kind of traffic is critical to your business' growth. Figure out who is interested and what it is that interests them, and set your sights there.

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