This release of plug&paid, version 5.5, is introducing the Invoices feature, which, in itself, is a highly valuable tool in your Online Sales arsenal, but in the same time it's a requirement for our upcoming big release: Affiliates. In order to be able to support Payouts with different payment methods, the affiliates needed the Payment Links that we've just built, as part of the Invoicing module.

New Feature

Invoices! You can now create custom invoices within plug&paid, so you can safely let go of your current invoicing software. To generate a new invoice, click Invoices in the sidebar and then click the "Create Invoice" button on the top. The invoice has support for everything you need, out of the box:

Once you generate an invoice, you will get a unique URL that you can share with your client, or you can simply have it emailed to them with just one click. Your customer can pay the invoice directly, by accessing the invoice URL you shared, or by clicking the button inside the email.

You can opt in to receive the payment for your invoices with all of our supported payment methods, and you will be notified in the plug&paid app and over email, once the payment is confirmed.

Save time by giving your accountant a teammate account to be able to download and process your invoices, or by simply adding his/her email address under Settings / Notification Settings, to receive all your invoice emails, which include the invoice PDF.


  • You can now re-arrange the order of the images of your product in the cart:
  • Superbolts users now receive an email whenever a client subscription is cancelled;
  • New country supported at checkout: Curaçao


  • Fixed a bug where the second variation option was not showing in the invoice, if its value had a single character;
  • Fixed a bug where the Superbolts-related emails were not sent to the email address configured under Notification Settings;
  • Fixed a bug that was not showing the Coupon field for subscriptions with trials;
  • Fixed an issue where incrementing the quantity at checkout did not update the product price in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes detaching a product from a plug was not working;
  • Fixed an issue where adding subsequent products would have the product description of the previous product pre-filled;
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes was not showing the logo on the invoice;
  • Fixed an SEO issue where the URL was exposed in Google index results for checkout pages that had a custom domain configured;
  • Fixed several typos;