With our biggest release ever (5.0), a lot of new features got to be used by our community, and we got back valuable insights on how to do it better. So we took your advice, and closing the year with 5.1, which brings some of your requests and fixes several annoying bugs.

New Feature

Multibanco payment integration via Stripe is now enabled. You just need to make sure it's enabled in your Stripe account, and plug&paid will make it available for you to use in your plugs.


  • Optimized the checkout flow in carts where the address is not required, by moving the collection of the name field in the first step;
  • Added Email Settings in the Settings page: you now have more control over what types of emails you or your customers receive from plug&paid and your can add more email addresses for each type, in case you need to keep someone else in the loop;
  • If your SMTP is enabled, all plug&paid emails sent to the merchants or clients are now being sent from your own email address (including the login email);
  • Added Timezone option under Shop Settings;
  • Optimized the Rounding Precision algorithms;
  • Added support for BSB account number for Australian bank accounts;
  • Free transactions are now ignored when incrementing the transaction quota usage;
  • The Customer Portal consent checkbox is now optional, does not mention Plugora Ltd. anymore and does not show by default when enabling your Customer Portal;
  • Upgraded Stripe API to the latest version;
  • The physical address formatting is now different for EU and non-EU countries and respect local formatting rules;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when attaching Stripe when logged into plug&paid via your custom domain;
  • Fixed a bug where agencies could not delete Teammates;
  • Fixed keypad issue when entering your login code;
  • Fixed an issue where the Channel charts were not showing for some users;
  • Fixed an issue where the customer's email was not showing in Stripe reports for one-off transactions;
  • Fixed several issues with consents;
  • Fixed several issues with Teammate accounts;
  • Fixed several UX issues in the Cart and Customer Portal;
  • Fixed a timeout bug when duplicating plugs with discounts;

Coming Soon

There is still a list of improvements requested by the community, and we plan on honouring all of them in our next release, which will also bring:

  • Automated signups & subscriptions for Superbolts;
  • Webhooks;
  • Mobile Responsiveness for the Dashboard web app;

In 2019, we've seen fantastic growth, extended our team, connected with our community and together we built a mature platform for managing and growing online sales. We are bursting with positivity after reading the amazing reviews & feedback our users are continuously posting all over the internet, and have set ambitious goals for 2020.

Work hard, party harder!