Software Tools to Ensure eCommerce Success

Software Tools to Ensure eCommerce Success

You just had a great idea for a product that would make tons of money. Maybe you already have an eCommerce store, or maybe the thought never crossed your mind. Either way, it’s easy to do with the software tools available to you.

Set up your store

Plug&Paid is the fastest way to start selling online. If you already have an online presence, you don’t even have to redirect traffic from those pages to your store. With Plug&Paid you can customize any website or social media page to sell items online. Use their shopping cart solution to turn your online visitors into eCommerce customers.

Research Products and Competition

There are several tools that suggest product ideas and trending items. Looking to add some products to your eCommerce site? Ecomhunt gives ideas for new products that are trending and will sell well anywhere online. Research your potential products to see how much demand and competition there already is. Remember that competition is good. Without it there is no demand.

Keyword research to boost sales

Use the correct keywords to optimize your listings and your website. This will determine how much traffic and sales you get. To look for keywords to bump up the ranking of your listing on the search results page, use some of the following tools: is a free tool that provides the search volume for any keyword. Use keywords with the highest search volume in your listing title and the description. Don’t overuse keywords, rather look for related high-ranking words to add.
Keyword Tool Dominator gives you long-tail keywords and information on how well your keywords rank. Use the Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool to find the most popular long-tail keywords based on your search.
Google Trends will tell you which term is the more popular one if you’re stuck on a few different main keywords to use.

Marketing tools to increase your site’s visibility

Without marketing, nobody will find your products. Don't spend hours managing several social media platforms and running campaigns. Use tools that automate this process for you. Klaviyo focuses on growing your eCommerce platform with highly relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing. It also includes services like A/B testing. Another platform that manages your content and grows your brand is Hootsuite.

To keep an eye on your click-through rate and conversions, Google Analytics is free and has tutorials to help you interpret the data. Google Search Console is another free web service. It allows you to check the indexing status and so optimize your website’s visibility.

Simplify your Sales Tax

Doing your sales tax manually can take hours, but you can automate the process with Plug&Paid. They will calculate sales tax/vat rates for you (based on country and product). They will calculate the rates for you and charge the correct sales tax rate for the product you are selling.

The Legal Stuff

It’s imperative to have access to a lawyer to make sure your business is compliant with all state and European laws. A great resource that will also give you referrals and have affiliate programs for business services is LegalZoom. Another popular platform to find legal advice is on Upwork, where you can hire an abundance of legal freelance experts to help you.

With the amount of excellent software tools available for eCommerce businesses today, most things you are doing manually can be automated to save time. This allows you to focus on growing your business rather than just maintaining what you have.

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