As we have listened to your feedback about the shopping cart, we have started working on it, and this is a draft preview of how your cart will look like:

It will have a lot of different options like: variations of images, cross sales, testimonials, custom fields, and it's going to look great on mobile as well! You will be able to personalize your cart, use your logo, use your brand colors, and everything will change based on the colors you select. Oh, did we mention we will support multiple products, too?

Some other features that are coming up are: single sign on integration, web hooks, affiliates and agency accounts. More details on those in our upcoming blog posts. Make sure you subscribe to our blog!

If you have any feedback about the current state of the plug&paid and how useful it is to you and how we could make it more useful to you please let us know on our Facebook group: We will be present there to check and reply to people's comments.  We want to build our product in a close relationship with our users!