Highly effective ways to promote your products online

Highly effective ways to promote your products online

You have your e-commerce store set up, or you have products online and ready to start selling them for profits. What comes to your mind next is a proven method or a shortcut to making the products known to the public thereby converting to sales. Whether your products have been existing for a long time or it’s your first time trying to sell them, you would need the best and proven ways to promote these products for awareness.

In this post, I will show you some of the leading ways or platforms to promote your products online. Luckily, most of the ways are not as bogus as you may be thinking in your mind. With the right strategy and a bit of willfulness, they are activated. They are highlighted below;

Ten effective ways that work

  1. Email Marketing: This is most likely the best and fastest way to promote your products online. It is a strategy whereby you send automated emails to a list of subscribed email addresses. The good thing about this method is that you do not have to spend most of your time writing these emails. All you need is a set of automated emails that are created to increase your income. The options involved in this method are;
    • Welcoming newly subscribed email addresses and offering them incentives.
    • Sending emails to customers to upsell them to recent sales.
    • Reminding new visitors to continue an earlier purchase they abandoned.

  2. Using Facebook: over 70% of humans have an account on Facebook. As a platform with a lot of users, it offers various ways through which you can promote your product;
    • Facebook is an advertising platform that offers various options for paid ads. Through the running of paid ads, you can open a fan page with a custom audience. This custom audience allows you to advertise to your website visitors or email subscribers. The effect of the ads is that it allows you to know more about your preferred audience and it helps to tailor the ad effectively.
    • The Facebook live feature is another way that has gained popularity over the years. If you have a facebook page with large followers, you can take the product live and show them to your subscribers. You can make the video engaging by breaking the podcast into series.

  3. Twitting About it on Twitter: Another platform to promote your product online is Twitter. Twitter is a social media platform where you can easily get a large number of followers. With large followers, you can upload a picture of the product with a little caption on the specifications and a link to your website; the right people may follow your post and make more enquiries.

  4. Pinning on Pinterest: This platform recently launched their business pages in November. The update allows Pinterest to be used commercially but you will have to convert your account into a business account and start promoting your products, generate leads and sales before you can use the feature. The platform allows you to create a theme board where you can pin images from the web. As you pin images of your product and people re-pins across their pages, the product is getting exposed to potential customers.

  5. Writing a Blog Post: Blogging about your product is one of the simple ways of creating awareness for the product. As a start-up seller, you need to engage yourself in content marketing as it helps to generate sales, leads and convert customers. In the blog post, you should announce the availability of the product, the story of the product making, the problems it solves, the features, and other relevant information. In simple terms, you need an audience for your product. Even if you don’t have a blog yet, you may use someone else with a large audience and pay them.

  6. Writing and Sending a Press Release: There are many local news agencies looking for news to share with the public. Just like sharing your product with other bloggers to help you announce to their audience, you can also write a press release about your product and have it sent to a news agency to announce to the public.

  7. Offering Free Bonuses: Who doesn’t like a free thing? This is a common trick that works every time. You can gain new customers by offering few products free to people. There will be a condition attached to the free product such as offering to give it out only if the customer tweets about the product or they subscribe to your newsletter. This method can give you long-term customers if done successfully.

  8. Affiliate Program: Through few customers who already know your product, an affiliate program can be an effective way to promote your product to more customers better. Affiliate programs is a process where the customers that already know your product are promised a bonus or a form of commision for any referrals made that results in a sale.

  9. YouTube Videos: Since YouTube has been one of the best platforms where you can easily search and find content. Your podcast series can be ranked on Google which can be a source of huge traffic to your podcast. The video does not necessarily need to go viral before it brings the intended results. Through the searches made by people who may need your type of product, the search engine automatically ranks your product which allows your video come up first thereby allowing you to control the narrative.

  10. Distributed eCommerce: plug&paid! Bet you did not see that coming. If you want to learn more about how you can get your shopping button or widget up and running on your Weebly/Wordpress/Squarespace or any other website, then read our vast tutorial guides here https://helpdesk.plugnpaid.com/hc/en-us. Use our plugs to distribute your products across the web by offering a direct link to a shopping cart hosted by us.

We both know your products will not sell themselves neither will they market themselves. Luckily, there are more than a hundred ways to have them promoted for more sales. You may choose which suits you from the list above and develop on them.

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