10 Profitable Niches for Info Product Developers to Target

10 Profitable Niches for Info Product Developers to Target

Developing info products is one of the most attractive business models for online entrepreneurs. Consumers are constantly searching for quality information, willing to pay a premium for products that can simplify or improve their lives. Businesses get the benefit of developing a product that requires no offline storage and minimal delivery issues. The development costs can vary, but a single product can be sold repeatedly for an indefinite period of time. One of the biggest drawbacks for product developers is knowing which niche to target. Each of the following industries are popular among consumers and allow plenty of room for growth.


Pet owners are often very dedicated, looking for information to help expand their knowledge. Dog training has proven to be a popular niche, with a variety of interests within the marketplace. Some areas of note are toilet training, obedience, tricks, security, and general dog care.


Fitness is a broad market that deals with beginners through to experienced fanatics. Weight loss is always of interest, with various systems going in and out of fashion. There are also many specific types of training like bodybuilding, calisthenics, and yoga.


While it is important to be knowledgeable and ethical when working in the health field, there are supplementary interests you can educate people on. For example, many people are interested in healthy living, wanting to understand the benefits of a vegan diet, gluten-free food, herbal products, and wellness.


Relationships are a core part of life, so there will always be consumers eager for information. Dating guides can be developed for specific audiences, with a focus on meeting people, conversational topics, online dating, and more. Additionally, there are opportunities for info products tackling relationship issues and marriage guidance.

Personal Development

Personal development is another broad niche, with self-help books always proving popular. Many personal development products are about building confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. There are, though, more specific skills training, such as help with public speaking, advice for job interviews, and improving social skills.


Anyone with knowledge of business will be useful to potential entrepreneurs. An info product could focus on an entire business opportunity, such as e-commerce using drop shipping. You could, though, focus on individual aspects of running a business, such as building a website, time management, or outsourcing.


Coding is a skill that attracts people both looking for a hobby or to start a new career. There are various coding languages, with different goals for those involved. Many entrepreneurs have ideas for new apps, but cannot afford to pay development costs. In many cases, these people will look for info products to educate themselves.

Personal Finance

While personal finance is a vital aspect of life, limited numbers of people receive any formal education on the subject. For this reason, people look to the internet for information on elements like credit, mortgages, savings accounts, and investments. Info products can be used to provide useful information to people serious about the subject.

Musical Instruments

Learning to play a musical instrument is a dream for many people. Rather than seeking out a personal tutor, many would rather turn to online courses. Guitar, piano, and drum tutorials are very popular, taking someone from beginner to advanced levels. You can also find alternative niches, with DJ and beat making instructions proving popular.


Learning a new language is a popular pursuit. Developing an info product around this topic can be tricky, but might suit someone with experience of teaching languages. You could also take an alternative approach, such as focusing on language learning for business, as a way to stand out among the mainstream products.

There are all kinds of niches a business can target for info product development. Some niches are extremely broad, often requiring a look at smaller segments within the market. Other niches are more specialized, but they may feature a large group of motivated buyers. While info product developers will take different approaches, you can feel confident of finding an audience when you use one of these listed niches. When you have decided on your niche, it is time to develop a concept that will stand out to audiences eager to invest in their passion.

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